Airbus A340-300E

The A340-300E is a long-range passenger aircraft developed by the West European Airbus consortium. The aircraft is a modification of the A340-300 aircraft with increased take-off mass and longer flight range. The first flight took place on August 25, 1995. The certification of the aircraft was completed in the spring of 1996.

The first customer of the aircraft is Singapore Airlines, which has been receiving aircraft since April 1996. The aircraft is equipped with the EFIS digital avionics system, similar to the A320 aircraft. The aircraft uses CFM International CFM56-5С3 (thrust 14755 kg/f) or CFM56-5С4 (15435 kg/f) turbofan engines. It has been mass-produced since 1995.


  • Modification: A340-300E
  • Wingspan, m: 60.30
  • Aircraft Length, m: 63.65
  • The height of the aircraft, m: 16.74
  • Wing Area, m2: 363.10
  • Weight kg: empty curb airplane 129400; maximum take-off 275,000
  • Engine type: 4 turbofan General Electric CFM56-5C4 (CFM56-5C3)
  • Draft, kg/f: 4 x 15435 (14755)
  • Maximum speed, km / h: 970
  • Cruising speed, km / h: 925
  • Practical range, km: 13150
  • Practical ceiling, m: 12000
  • Crew: 2
  • The payload of 295 passengers in a three-class configuration or 335 passengers in a two-class configuration or 48,700 kg of cargo.
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