Airbus A319-100

Manufacturer: Airbus S.A.S., European Union.


The A319-100 is a mid-range passenger aircraft developed by the Airbus Western European consortium. In 1990, the Airbus Industry consortium began preliminary research on a 120-seat version of the shortened fuselage A320. It was supposed to remove seven rows of chairs, as indicated by the symbol A320 M-7. Later, the aircraft received the designation A319. Officially, the A319 aircraft development program began in late May 1992.

Direct development was not started until June 1993, after the consortium became firmly convinced of the reliable market for the A319 aircraft, in which the American Boeing 737-300 and 737-500 and McDonnell Douglas MD-87 were the main competitors. The first official customer of the aircraft was the Swiss airline Swissair.

The first flight of the prototype A319 took place on August 25, 1995. The certification was completed at the end of March 1996, and in April the first A319 was handed over to Swissair. In order to more fully satisfy customer requirements, a modification of the A319 aircraft with IAE V2500 engines is produced. In this regard, aircraft equipped with CFM International CFM56-5 engines received the designation A319-110, and aircraft with V2500 engines received the designation A319-130. There is a special modification of the A319 Jetliner with a range of up to 6,300 nautical miles (11,700 kilometers), designed for wealthy customers.

The aircraft is equipped with the EFIS digital avionics system, similar in composition to the Airbus Industry A320. It has been mass-produced since 1995. By the middle of 1997, 147 aircraft were sold (with CPM56 and V2500 engines), and about 30 were delivered.


  • Cruising speed (km / h): 895
  • Flight range with maximum fuel reserve (km): 6845
  • Flight range with passengers and baggage (with fuel reserves) (km): 3391
  • Operating ceiling (m): 11200
  • Required runway length (ISA conditions, at sea level) (m): 1750

Two engines CFM International CFM56-5A or International Aero Engines IAE V2500-A5.

Wingspan (m): 34.10
Aircraft Length (m): 33.84
Aircraft Height (m): 11.76
Wing Area (m2): 122.60
The angle of the sweep of the wing along the 1/4 chord line (degrees): 25.00
Fuselage Diameter: 3.95

Number of seats
Passengers in a cabin of two classes: 124

Masses and loads
Take-off (t): 64.00
Curb Empty (t): 40.60
Aircraft without fuel (t): 57.00
Payload (t): 13.20
Landing (t): 61.00

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