Airbus A318

Manufacturer: Airbus S.A.S., European Union


The narrow-body airliner Airbus A318 (Airbus A318) is the smallest member of the A320 family (which includes models A318, A319, A320, A321).
The A318, like its older brother A320, is Airbus’s bestseller in its segment of the market for liners designed to serve private or low-density passenger traffic routes.

The addition of the A318 (which began to operate in July 2003) to the A320 family allowed Airbus to cover a very wide segment of the market for narrow-body aircraft flying on short and medium routes, with a capacity of 100 to 220 passengers.
The standard cabin of the Airbus A318 seats 107 passengers in a typical two-class cabin configuration (business and economy).


  • Cruising speed (km / h):
  • Flight range with passengers and baggage (with fuel reserves) (km): 5950

CFM56-5 or PW 6000A

Wingspan (m): 34.1
Aircraft Length (m): 31.45
Aircraft Height (m): 12.56
Wing Area (m2): 122.60
The angle of a sweep of the wing along the 1/4 chord line (degrees): 25.00
Maximum fuselage width (s): 3.7
Fuselage Diameter: 3.95

Number of seats
Crew: 2
Passengers in the cabin of two classes: 107
Maximum: 117

Masses and loads
Takeoff (t): 68.0
Aircraft without fuel (t): 54.50
Payload (t): 11
Landing (t): 57.5

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