Airbus A310-300

Manufacturer: Airbus S.A.S., European Union


In 1982-83, Airbus Industrie, based on the A310-200, began developing a variant of the A310-300 aircraft for operation on long-haul routes. The main difference of the A310-300 aircraft is the presence of an additional fuel tank with a capacity of 6100 liters in the tail unit with the ability to pump fuel for optimal balancing of the aircraft in flight. At the ends of the wing, small swept aerodynamic surfaces (washers) were installed, which later began to be installed on the A310-200 as well.

The first flight was completed on July 8, 1985.

There is a cargo modification.


  • Cruising speed (km / h): 895
  • Flight range with maximum fuel reserve (km): 9580
  • Operating ceiling (m): 11300
  • Required runway length (ISA conditions, at sea level) (m): 2290

2 Pratt & Whitney PW4156 engines (2×25420 kgf) or General Electric CF6-80C2A8

Wingspan (m): 43.00
Aircraft length (m): 46.00
Aircraft height (m): 15.00
Wing Area (m2): 219.00
The sweep angle of the wing along the line 1/4 chord (degrees): 28.00
Fuselage Diameter: 5.64

Number of seats
Passengers in a cabin of two classes: 240
Maximum: 280

Masses and loads
Take-off (t): 164.00
Curb Empty (t): 82.00
Aircraft without fuel (t): 114.00
Landing (t): 124.00

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