Airbus A300-600

Manufacturer: Airbus S.A.S., European Union


When designing the A300-600, the front and center sections of the fuselage and the wing of the A3300B2 / B4 aircraft were used, and the tail of the fuselage was taken from the A310 aircraft. The cockpit is similar to the A310. The fuselage is increased by half a meter.

The liner made its first flight on July 8, 1983, and began shipping since March 1984.

The aircraft received its development in the A300-600R model – an aircraft with a longer flight range. The first flight of this modification was completed on December 9, 1987, and the first delivery – April 20, 1988.


  • Cruising speed (km / h): 897
  • Flight range with passengers and baggage (with fuel reserves) (km): 6670

2 engines General Electric CF6-80C2A1, CF6-80C2A5 or Pratt & Whitney PW-4156s or two 258kN (58,000lb) PW-4158

Wingspan (m): 44.84
Aircraft length (m): 54.10
Aircraft Height (m): 16.54
Wing Area (m2): 260.00
The sweep angle of the wing along the line 1/4 chord (degrees): 28.00
Maximum fuselage width (s): 5.28
Fuselage Diameter: 5.64

Number of seats
Crew: 2
Passengers in the cabin of two classes: 266
Maximum: 361

Masses and loads
Takeoff (t): 171.70
Curb Empty (t): 90.90
Aircraft without fuel (t): 130.00
Payload (t): 34.90
Landing (t): 140.00

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