AirBaltic will resume some international flights from May 13: list of destinations

AirBaltic plans to resume regular international flights from May 13. In the first weeks after returning to the usual schedule, airplanes will fly daily,

From May 13 airBaltic will again launch daily flights to 14 European cities, including Moscow, Tallinn, Vilnius, Paris, London, and Helsinki. In June, new routes will be added to popular destinations for summer vacations, as well as direct flights to Riga from Tallinn and Vilnius. By the end of summer, the flight network will cover 49 destinations, the report said.

On Friday, airBaltic announced that the airline is currently adapting its route network and flight schedule following a temporary reduction in the aircraft fleet to resume regular traffic after the crisis.

Earlier, airBaltic customers demanded that they return more than 10 million euros in cash compensation for flights canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to company representative Alice Briede, customers have reimbursed funds in the form of a bank transfer or gift card. She added that airBaltic received more than 345 thousand requests, about a quarter of them have already been processed.

Here is a list of destinations that you plan to gradually resume flights to:

From May 13
Riga – Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Munich, Oslo, Tallinn, Vilnius, Moscow

Since June
Riga – Kiev, Berlin, Palanga, Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Dusseldorf, Reykjavik, Milan, Athens, Nice, Madrid, Malaga, Lisbon, Split

Tallinn – Amsterdam, Paris, London, Oslo, BerlinVilnius – Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Munich

Since July
Riga – Liepaja, Minsk, Turku, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Catania, Tel Aviv, Rome, Zurich, Billund, St. Petersburg // Tallinn – Vilnius

Since August
Riga – Kaliningrad, Gothenburg, Stuttgart, Tbilisi, Larnaca, OdessaTallinn – Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malaga

Since October
Riga – Tampere, Abu Dhabi.

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