AgustaWestland AW119Ke

The Agusta Westland AW119 Ke helicopter (originally called AgustaA.119 Koala) made its first flight in early 1995. It was designed based on the A109 helicopter, although it had many differences, for example, a ski non-retractable landing gear instead of a retractable wheeled one. The fuselage is made of aluminum alloys. Dynamic classic system for light helicopters with one gas turbine engine installed in the rear upper part of the fuselage, which goes smoothly into the tail boom. The rotor blades of a four-blade rotor are made of composites, and the rotor hub is made of titanium. The tail two-bladed screw is installed to the left of the keel.

The prototype is equipped with a GTL TurbomecaArrielI with a capacity of 800 hp, but the Pratt & Whitney of CanadaРТ6B37 / 1 motor was selected on a competitive basis for a serial helicopter. This compact power plant made it possible to make the cargo-passenger cabin of the helicopter more spacious (30 percent) than the cabin of any other helicopter of the same class. The cargo and passenger cabin has sliding doors of a large area, one on each side, and is designed for 2 patients on a stretcher or 6 passengers. The seventh passenger can take the place of the second pilot.

The helicopter is intended for use as a corporate, sanitary, for VIP-transportation, police, search and rescue, coast guard, military.


  • CORPORATE / VIP – A 119 has the largest fuselage in its class and is designed for fast and comfortable transportation of 6/7 passengers. The interior of the helicopter can be performed, taking into account the highest standards of comfort. There are audio and video systems, climate control systems, satellite communications, advanced aerobatic equipment, TCAS (TrafficCollision AvoidanceSystem warning system), a three-axis autopilot, a backup hydraulic control system, radio navigation, and satellite equipment.
  • SAR / EMS – Unique, for single-engine light helicopters, the ability to transform the A119 cabin for medical transportation of two patients under the supervision of medical staff. The dimensions of the passenger cabin make it possible to conveniently place the equipment necessary for transportation and provide access to patients. In this case, the crew cabin remains isolated from the passenger compartment.
  • FIRE FIGHTING – The helicopter can be equipped with Symplex’s new FireAttackSystemModel325 fire extinguishing system, or with a standard outdoor basket. Model 325 has a form with low aerodynamic drag and is adapted for use at high flight speeds to provide operational fire fighting. The entire system can be installed or removed in less than 15 minutes, without the use of a special tool.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT -High range and flight duration, enables the A119 to carry out operations effectively to ensure law and order. The composition of specialized equipment includes high-resolution night and day surveillance cameras, direction-finding equipment, and a search-driven high-power searchlight.
  • OFFSHORE – The largest fuselage size in its class, the best range, and speed, the tested and reliable Pratt & Whitney PT 6 engine – all this provides the effective application of A119 for work on water. The helicopter may have an optional float landing gear.


  • Flight Range: 1013km
  • Cruising speed: 232km / h
  • The highest flight height: 4572m
  • The highest take-off weight: 3150kg
  • Cabin Height: 1.36m
  • Cabin Length: 2.10m
  • The greatest number of passengers: 7
  • Cabin Width: 1.61m
  • Height: 3.77m
  • Length: 11.17m
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