Aérospatiale Alouette II

The Alouette II (then labeled SE 3130), based on the Sud-Est helicopter SE 3120, was completely redesigned to install the more powerful turbocharger Artist I in place of the Salmson star piston engine ( Salmson) 9NH, mounted on the original helicopter. For the first time taking off in March 1955, the helicopter received a certificate in France only a year later and was immediately put into production. The helicopter designation changed to SE 313B following the merger of SNCASE with Sud Aviation, followed by their takeover by Aerospatiale in 1970.

Equipping the helicopter with a new engine in 1961 led to the creation of an excellent SA 318C helicopter with the Astazu NA power plant. This modification was made in a large series and culminated in the release of 1303 copies. The last modification that came into production was the SA 315B Lama helicopter optimized for flying at high altitude and flying at high outdoor temperatures, which was built specifically for the Indian army and combined the Alouette II helicopter glider, as well as a larger power plant and mobile units from the Alouette III helicopter. Until 1989, Aerospasyal built 407 units. At the same time, the Indian manufacturer – the company HAL and today continues the licensed production of this helicopter at a slow pace.

Indian helicopters are known as the Cheetah. More than 50 countries use the Alouette II helicopter in military service, and the German army is the largest operating organization with 226 SA 315B helicopters and 54 SA 318C helicopters. Many helicopters today still remain in service in military aviation around the globe. In addition to Alouette II, built specifically for civilian operating organizations and individuals, over the past ten years, German and especially French helicopters have been released from civilian service in Europe.

Aérospatiale Alouette II is a multi-purpose French helicopter. Designed and manufactured by Sud Aviation, later Aérospatiale, mass production 1956-1975. More than 1300 helicopters produced. Alouette II – the world’s first serial gas turbine helicopter. It was used both in the armed forces (as communication, reconnaissance, anti-tank, training), and in civil aviation to solve tasks of a more general purpose.

The design of the helicopter was carried out as part of the state contract. SNCASE presented a prototype X.310G with a gas turbine power plant – Turboméca Artouste engine for the competition. The first flight of the new helicopter, designated as SE 3130, was made 12.03.195; a decision was made to begin mass production of the helicopter.

The first production copies were built for French customers (civil and military). A licensed helicopter was also produced in Sweden, Brazil, the USA, and India.

Helicopter with a tail rotor of a classic design. Three-blade rotor. Truss tail boom. Turboshaft engine. Skid gear.

The helicopter was used in 80 countries, of which 47 were used by military departments.


  • Number of crew members: 1
  • The greatest number of passengers: 4
  • Length: 9.66m
  • Rotor Diameter: 10.20m
  • Height: 2.75m
  • Area swept by the bearing rotor: 81.7 sq.m.
  • Empty Weight: 895kg
  • The highest take-off weight: 1600kg
  • Powerplant: 1 × GTE TurbomécaArtousteIIC6
  • Power: 530hp, derated to 460hp
  • The highest speed: 185km / h
  • Echelon Speed: 170km / h
  • Range: 565km
  • Practical ceiling: 2300m
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