5 facts about the new Lufthansa style

In February 2018, Lufthansa announced a large-scale program to change her style, which will last several years.

What will change?

As part of the design renewal program, Lufthansa will change the livery of its aircraft. Now two aircraft have been repainted – Boeing 747-8 and A321.

The old (above) and the new Lufthansa livery (below)

The key blue color got a darker shade, the gray color ceased to be used, and the yellow color remained only in the form of a small square with the inscription Willkommen / Welcome (Welcome) at the bow door through which passengers come on board.

The airline will also update the style of service areas at airports, the uniform of employees at airports and crews, as well as the design of various items and accessories that are distributed onboard aircraft.

Why did you decide to update the style?

The previous Lufthansa style update was carried out in 1989. Since that time, much has changed – little in the airplanes and business lounges of the airline look like it was almost 30 years ago. Only the external display remains old. An additional factor in the changes was the fact that the logo of the air carrier – the crane – turned 100 years old in 2018.

Logo and font

The purpose of the redesign was not to revolutionize but to show the strengths of the company. The crane is a well-recognized symbol of the air carrier, but it was not sufficiently functional in the modern digital world. For the logo to be perceived the same way on both small screens and the tails of the largest aircraft in the Lufthansa Airbus A380 fleet, its shape was made easier, also reducing the thickness of the circle around the logo.

At the same time, Lufthansa changed the font. If the airline previously used Helvetica, then after the redesign a new font was created, similar to Helvetica. This will allow Lufthansa to kill two birds with one stone: reduce the cost of paying annual license fees for using Helvetica, as well as achieve the better display of text on small user screens, as Helvetica was not adapted for display on smartphones.

New color

For decades, Lufthansa has used two primary colors – blue and yellow, which the survey showed were equally associated with the airline but left a lot of room for interpretation.

To clarify what the Lufthansa brand means, it was decided to choose one key color. It has become a darker shade of blue, which is more than yellow, associated with the premium transportation segment in which Lufthansa operates.

However, the misuse of blue can be associated with cold. Therefore, the yellow color will continue to be used to orient passengers at the airport, on digital platforms with buttons that lead to actions, in accessories and other things to draw people’s attention to certain things.

How long will the transition to a new style last?

In 2018, there were two aircraft in the new livery in the Lufthansa fleet. The style of passenger service areas at Frankfurt and Munich airports has also been partially updated.

Between August 2018 and 2020, the airline replaced items that are used onboard to serve passengers – dishes, travel sets, trolleys, etc.

Until 2021, Lufthansa will replace signboards at all airports where it flies.

By January 2019, about 40 aircraft in the company’s fleet will already have a new livery. By March 2020, 33% received a new style, by July 2021 – 50% of the sides. 100% of the fleet will fly in a new livery by March 2025.

Lufthansa does not intend to specially repaint the planes – the new sides will arrive in a new color, and the existing ones in the Navy will be repainted gradually as the standard repaint period approaches.

Graduated from Embry-Riddle Aviation University with a master's degree in aviation science. He began his career as an aviation researcher in local periodicals. Has a pilot license. Now are the author and developer of the Plane Worlds.