АТР 42/72 Basic data

Manufacturer: Aerospatiale / Alenia, Italy


The first flight of the ATR-42 took place on August 16, 1984, ATR-72 – October 27, 1988. The difference between the aircraft is primarily in the size and improved wing design of the ATR-72.

There are a large number of modifications of this aircraft – both civilian and military.
The aircraft was created in collaboration with the French Aerospatiale and the Italian Aeritalia (now Alenia).




  • Cruising speed (km / h): 490
  • Flight range with passengers and baggage (with fuel reserves) (km): 2100
  • Operating ceiling (m): 7620
  • Runway length required (ISA conditions, at sea level) (m): 1090


  • Cruising speed (km / h): 525
  • Runway length required (ISA conditions, at sea level) (m): 1200
  • The rest is the same as ATR-42
  • Variants of writing (synonyms)
    ATR42 / 72, ATR42 / 72

TVD Pratt-Whitney

Wingspan (m): 24.57
Aircraft Length (m): 22.67
Aircraft Height (m): 7.59
Wing Area (m2): 54.5
Fuselage Diameter: 2.86
Wingspan (m): 27.05
Aircraft length (m): 27.166
Aircraft Height (m): 7.65
Wing Area (m2): 61
Fuselage Diameter: same as ATR-42

Number of seats
Crew: 2
Passengers in ATR-42 – 42-50
Passengers in ATR-72 – 64-72.

Masses and loads
Takeoff (t): 16.7
Curb Empty (t): 10.28
Aircraft without fuel (t): 15.2
Payload (t): 4.91
Landing (t): 16.4
Takeoff (t): 22
Empty Curb (t): 12.5
Aircraft without fuel (t): 20
Payload (t): 7.15
Landing (t): 21.8

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